MCS Automation Technology Co., Ltd. is a major Thai owned Company and was incorporated to provide the Best Total Solution for customers. The solutions using professional and highly application of advanced Industry Information Technology that covers the entire processes from system conceptualization, engineering design, development, supply, installation, commissioning, and implementation. MCS specializes in the processes of flow measurement and terminal automation for petroleum and petrochemical plants, industrial control, and building automation system.

MCS was established in 1997 with the vision to position the Company as the industry’s premier total solutions supplier in providing cost-effective ways to our customers’ flow measurement and control system/equipment.  At present, MCS has extended its capability to the completion of system integration and software development for those terminal automation, industrial process control, and building automation system.

In addition of being agent and connection with international and worldwide companies in this field, MCS has also obtained those experienced staff and manning, with in-depth industry-specific knowledge, tools and partnership in petroleum and petrochemical industries. This induces MCS the capability to acquire and apply the just-right processes to our customers with cost-effective and efficient solutions.


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To be a leading company  representative in the Industrial  Information Technology System and Application Software  developer of automation controls product arena



To be South East Asia's foremost  provider in developing the integration with customeroriented services, progressive  organizations, and innovative product / technology / engineering solutions.